Christchurch Harbour


How often do you recommend I change my water filter?

Normally once a year at the beginning of each season after the water system has been sterilised. Some of the filters now last longer but you may need to change the filter more regularly if you are a heavy user of the van in terms of time useage.

How often would you recommend the tyres be changed?

Normally within 5 years but may be sooner. They must be regularly checked for tyre pressures & any signs of cracks in the tyres as the UV light tends to dry the tyres out where they are static for long periods of time.

How often should a caravan be serviced? Is it dependent on usage?

Caravans should be serviced every year.

My caravan is within warranty. Can you carryout the work?

We can only undertake warranty work with strict instructions from either the dealer or manufacturer.

Do you service caravans in storage? if so, do I have to be there?

Yes we service on caravan sites & storage sites – subject to permission from the site owner. The customer doesn’t have to be present but we need all keys & awnings etc must be removed & access around the caravan for trolley jacks etc.

If I have a new caravan does it need to be serviced by a main dealer?

Normally caravans under warranty have to be serviced by a service center approved by that manufacturer or a dealer for that make of caravan. We can do it if authorized by the dealer or manufacturer.

Does the caravan need to be cleared out prior to the work

The van needs to be as clear as possible so as we can access all appliances, pipes, cables floor vents tec.

If I damage my caravan what is your insurance procedures?

Normally the insurance company will need a minimum of 2 independent repairers estimates for the repairs.

What is the furthest distance you would travel to a service or call out?

Standard radius of up to 20 miles. Can travel further but need to ring & discuss with engineers depending on how busy they are.

How long will it take to service my caravan?

It depends on the type of service and the age of the caravan but usually between 3 and 5 hours. However, if there are additional repairs required or new parts that need to be ordered then there will be a delay. We aim to provide a quick service no matter what the requirements are.

How can I check my battery is charging?

The only real way to check if your battery is charging is to check at the battery terminals with a volt meter. This is checked as part of the caravan service as it is recommended that this is done by an engineer.